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An ARTube?

Own your channel, customize it to your brand and colors and let everyone know about your new Augmented Reality zone. NextReality allows you to communicate directly to your audience, at a very low cost, by means of creating and developing your own channel. Fill it with your best experiences and each user will access them by means of a unique code, that opens your unique, customized channel. 


What kind of experiences?

You can upload all kinds of augmented reality experiences - from schemas and illustrations done on paper to 3D interactive demos and even games,all of them can be distributed using NextReality. 

Same with formats - from .fbx and .3ds to Unity and video formats, NextReality pretty much allows for the upload of all the major information formats - yes, even document formats!

Certified Support

You're not alone when you decide to distribute with NextReality. You can always resort to NextReality Certified Professionals, a breed of specialists that can help you create and publish your augmented reality experience directly on the platform. NextReality certified professionals are seasoned developers and designers that deliver state-of-the-art AR solutions - why not contact one of them today?

Publish to Smartglasses

NextReality experiences can also be shown on Microsoft Hololens, Epson Moverio and other smartglasses. By using these devices, you can enable hands-free experiences, that develop several business scenarios, like Product and brand communication, brand activation, event highlights, remote support, tutorial training and every kind of simulation. Oh, and we can also rent you the devices! Interested? 

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