The biggest event for professionals and curious in Augmented Reality is back in Lisbon, with news of Augmented Reality applications, expert panels and hands-on workshops.
The sixth Augmented Reality Meeting (RALI – Augmented Reality in Lisbon) will take place on May 30th, between 9:30 am and 7:00 pm at Microsoft Portugal. The event, promoted by NextReality, an IT People Group company dedicated to digital transformation through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, will once again be the stage for debate and demonstration of the best done in Portugal in this area.

The event will run throughout the day and aims to receive the community of professionals who, regardless of their market areas, are interested in implementing solutions of Augmented Reality in their organizations. The main objective of the sixth edition of RALI is to promote the debate, sharing and exploration of what is already being done with Augmented Reality and what we can point out as trends for this sector in the near future.

The program is divided into two main parts: the morning agenda is dedicated to conferences and the afternoon comprises several workshops. At 10am on the 30th, the opening of this new edition of RALI will take place and during the morning there will be four panels of specialists from various areas in which Augmented Reality is already being applied. The first panel, under the topic “Raising the Smart Cities” will begin at 10.15; the second panel under the topic “Augmented Reality in Retail” will begin at 10:45 p.m.; the third panel under the topic “Augmented Reality in Culture” will begin at 11.15; the fourth panel under the heading «Games with Augmented Reality» will begin at 11:45 p.m.

And on the 6th RALI even lunch will be augmented, as we’ll have a demonstration of showcooking in Augmented Reality that will accompany the lunch. All this will also be accompanied by numerous national case demonstrations of Augmented Reality in Microsoft Hololens, Apple ARKit and other technologies to all concerned.

During the afternoon there will be four workshops: one dedicated to the theme of “Augmented Reality in Retail”; a hands-on workshop dedicated to the application of Augmented Reality to “Unity and 3D Gaming”; another who will discuss and explain the best ways to “Apply Augmented Reality in your organization.” Finally there will also be a workshop with a practical approach to the creation and implementation of this type of solutions, with the theme “How much does an Augmented Reality solution cost?”. Registration is free, but the vacancies are limited

After completing the workshops, RALI will close its sixth edition with a moment dedicated to networking among professionals and curious people about this area and there will again, during this time, be an opportunity for all interested to try Microsoft Hololens, Apple ARKit and other Augmented Reality technologies.

Registration to attend the 6th Augmented Reality meeting and workshops are free, only registration is required, available at this link –

“Increasingly, Augmented Reality is positioning itself as a must-have technology for organizations. With each new launch and technological evolution in this area,  new possibilities of application for this technology appear, in addition to the ones already being used. And yes, this is already happening in organizations in Portugal. I believe that Augmented Reality is the basis for the next great technological leap and will have a very profound impact on the daily lives of companies, people and society in general. “, Explains Luis Bravo Martins, Head of Marketing of IT People Group .