The first Augmented Reality room of the country opens on June 22, at 3:00 p.m. The Augmented Room can be visited next to Casa do Futuro, in the Communications Museum, in Lisbon, and is born of a partnership between the Portuguese Communications Foundation and Next People Group, a company of the IT People group. The main objective of this innovative initiative is to promote Augmented Reality as a transforming society technology.
The Augmented Room will be open to the public, but can also be used as an educational space or as a meeting point  between companies. “It intends to be a space of exploration in the theme of Augmented Reality and we believe that the best space is right next to the House of the Future in the Museum of Communications, promoted by the Portuguese Communications Foundation”, explains Eduardo Vieitas, CEO of IT People Group.

This new room will have cross-platform experiences using tablets, projectors and interactive tables. We willbe able to open windows to other wings of the museum, rebuild monuments like the Taj Mahal or the Statue of Liberty on-site or even interact with wolves and dinosaurs that are hidden around the room. The Augmented Room will have a monthly schedule, which will include demonstrations of Augmented Reality glasses and applications of this technology in educational and business contexts.

To visit the room, simply purchase a normal ticket for the museum – the space will also be also open to school tours.

For Eduardo Vieitas, this is the ideal space for the “promotion of Augmented Reality, its applications and to open society to the benefits that Augmented Reality is already bringing”. In addition, he adds, it is very important to “promote a technological education space for students and professionals, including access to demonstrations and Augmented Reality glasses.”

“Having a space dedicated to Augmented Reality, we believe that more and more companies will be interested in implementing and testing it”, emphasizes Eduardo Vieitas. It is now the invitation to appear from the 22nd.