PTC Vision for Augmented Reality in the Enterprise

Mike Campbell, PTC

I first entered the world of XR through the enterprise technology space. An early use case that really caught my attention was Caterpillar’s use of PTC’s augmented reality technology to visualize equipment. Mike Campbell, EVP of Augmented Reality Products at PTC, will set the tone for the event by giving us an inside look inside PTC’s vision of AR in the enterprise, where the technology is already driving companies to reimagine how they manufacture, sell, operate and service their products. Speakers from different areas of PTC’s business will also present on the Enterprise and Design tracks.


The Age of Smart Information

M. Pell, Microsoft Garage

“The fundamental nature of information will be completely transformed by AI + XR.” – M. Pell

Author and envisioneer M. Pell promises to launch a movement that will revolutionize the very nature of information on the AWE EU 2018 stage. He will describe how the convergence of human ingenuity, artificial intelligence and immersive reality is ushering in the age of “Smart Information;” and provide real-world examples of transforming common collections of content into Smart Information powered by XR.


Using VR and Imitation Machine Learning Algorithms for Training Robots

Chris Wróbel, vRational

Any session with this many emerging technologies in the title has to be good. Chris will talk about using robotics and VR hand-in-hand to improve industrial processes, and also share his own story of improving VR game experiences with the UR3 Industrial robot Marvin!


XR for AllPanel

With Tom Emrich, AWE, Super Ventures (Moderator); Ioana Matei, Procter & Gamble; Catherine Alllen, Limina Immersive; and Helen Kennedy, University of Brighton, UK

Three influential women in XR will discuss what’s required to build more inclusive and diverse virtual spaces and how we can ensure these spaces represent the diverse nature of the real world? Ioana, Catherine and Helen will also release a Woman in VR Vision Statement outlining a future in which the XR industry challenges the status quo.


XR: From Hyper to Actual Experiences

Dr. Fadi Chehimi, IBM

Hear about the user experience obstacles holding back XR and examples of AR+VR that achieved high levels of immersion despite the limitations. Dr. Fadi Chehimi will frame the discussion using Keiichi Matsuda’s “Hyper Reality” concept and Jaguar’s F-TYPE Sports Car stunt exhibit; and introduce his own “Hyper-Actual Experience Taxonomy” for categorizing XR experiences and identifying gaps that need to be solved.


Ikea Digital Lab, XR and What the Future Holds

Kip Haynes, IKEA

This year, I had my first adventure in an actual IKEA store so needless to say I’m a fan of the brand. This session will cover the process of rapid prototyping of XR tech at the IKEA Digital Lab, and how XR might figure into the future IKEA customer experience. Kip will share the principles guiding IKEA’s thinking when it comes to developing XR proof of concepts and engaging with experts and innovators.


Location Based Entertainment (LBE) – From Arcades to Theme Parks, Is this the XR Distribution Channel?

Amy Peck, EndeavorVR

From games to IP experiences and cinematic VR, will LBEs be the XR distribution channel of choice and the gateway to consumer adoption? This is the question Amy will pose in her talk examining LBE’s role in XR content: Discover the landscape, content, creators, concepts and form factors in and beyond the arcade, and even how LBEs might boost headset sales.


The Use of VR in Chemistry

Jonas Boström, AstraZeneca

There are several talks about XR transforming pharmaceuticals and medicine scheduled for AWE EU. In this one, drug designer, co-founder of EduChem VR and one of the 100 most influential pharma industry professionals, Jonas Boström will take the stage to talk about the future of treating diseases. Hear about AIs designing molecules and using immersive tech to gain a deeper understanding of drugs under development.


From Prototype to Global AR roll-out with Bosch

Wolfgang Stelzle, RE’FLEKT

This joint presentation on the mainstage with Bosch promises to reveal the “essential ingredients” for bringing AR into your organization. Together, Bosch and RE’FLEKT have built up enough experience to know how to make AR a success. What better way to ensure your own AR success than by learning from those before you?


The Reality Ecosystem: What XR (AR/VR/MR) needs to go big (and how Europe wins)

Tim Merel, Digi-Capital

There is no other research firm as finely tuned into the global XR market as Digi-Capital, now AWE’s official research partner. This session promises, among other things, to give you “the scorecard for mobile AR, smart glasses and VR today.” In addition, find out how Europe could pass North America this year in Western XR revenue.

Author | Tom Emrich 

Tom Emrich is an investor and community builder and is recognized as one of the most influential people in AR, VR and wearable tech.