Your emotions feed augmented reality.


Every second human beings are generating more information than in the whole history of humanity, but we are also reacting with greater speed to what we have in front, at a speed impossible to reach for our brains.

Did you know that … every minute your body expresses 85 emotional reactions to what you have in front of you? Whatever the stimuli, that means thousands of emotions expressed per day. The sad thing is that your brain can only understand 5% of everything you feel.

 In 10 years the number of stimulus with which you interact will increase 3 times, further decreasing our ability to understand and process what we feel.

This permanent and growing generation of stimuli is mandatory in the evolution of the human specie, therefore every technology and application that has been successfully implemented in the market has as a common factor to exalt, motivate and ignite the senses to the point of not understanding what happen.

Augmented reality is the most effective generator of experiences because without abstracting the human being from its own reality, it manages to add information about the stimulus to achieve or a better experience or a better decision making. However, like all existing technologies generate a wear and disinterest in the human being, who to experiment with the stimulus and with the same information ends up avoiding it.

It is at this point where understanding and interpreting emotional reactions becomes important, since emotions never remain constant in front of the stimulus, no matter how many times you see something, depending on the context you will always feel a different emotion in intensity and expression.

Imagine entering a store, pointing your phone in front of those shoes that you liked so much and seeing, in addition to the technical specifics, price and promotions; a layer of additional information where you can see how you felt in front of those shoes every time you saw them, how your friends felt on social networks and even more importantly, how those shoes fit into your personality and mood. The promise? Every time you see the same shoes, the information around them will be different, much more enrich, extensive and fun.

In my vision, this is the future of communication and the interaction between products and human beings. Getting your emotions to build the experience you need to live to make possible for you to try, buy and use products that fit 100% with your way of being.

Live in a world where everything around you fits with you and adapts according to how you feel.

It’s the world learning from you.


Speacial thanks to our guest author!


Author: Jorge Toledo-Chacon | CEO Espectacularity