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Augmented Reality experience

How to Afford an Augmented Reality Solution as a Small Business

There’s a massive opportunity right now for small businesses to start offering interactive augmented reality solutions…

Augmented Reality helps people developing their professional skills through automated processes!

6 AR Applications in the Car Industry

No industry has embraced Augmented Reality like Automobile manufacturing, in the last years.

Augmented Reality for Real Estate

Real Estate and Augmented Reality: The Future Is Now!

Real Estate is only one of the many markets Augmented Reality has been empowering among the last years!

SLAM And The Future Of AR – by Paul Matthews 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have become two of the biggest trends in development and business since 2010.…

Soluções de mixed reality ao seu alcance

Your emotions feed AR

Every second human beings are generating more information than in the whole history of humanity!

10 Talks to get excited over at this year’s AWE EU

NextReality is a partner of the «Augmented World Expo»!

Disrupting the Hotel Business through Augmented Reality

Before, During and After the stay (1/4)


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