Great having you @RALI!

The 6th edition o RALI, Augmented Reality in Lisbon, was a huge success, thanks to you!

How AR and Religion can work together

Interview with Monsignor Tomasz Trafny, Dept. for Science and Faith in the Vatican and speaker at 6th RALI!

AR Games expert speaks at RALI

Interested in putting Gaming and Augmented Reality together?

NextReality @ Portugal Air Summit

Augmenting Portugal Air Summit? Yeeees!

Augmented Reality in Retail

Sign up to participate on the RALI workshop dedicated to exploring the uses of Augmented Reality in Retail!

Learn how much it costs to implement AR in your company!

Planning to invest in AR, VR and MR solutions? This workshop is for you!

Augmenting Smat Cities @ RALI

The 6th edition of RALI will feature a debate panel entirely dedicated to «Augmenting Smart Cities».

First confirmation on the Retail debate panel @ RALI

Bruno Mourão Martins is the first confirmation for teh Retail debate panel!

Augmented Google Maps on the way?

Or already here? Freshest AR news!

NextReality @ Tektónica 2018

Augmented Reality has a huge potential for use in construction and real estate - come and find out why ;)

Voting is now open!

Cast your vote for the best AR game today!

Mixed Reality, Gaming & Unity 3D Development

Workshop focused on Mixed Reality, Gaming & Unity 3D Development @ 6th RALI