Start experimenting Augmented Reality now!


First things first?

You only need to search for “nextreality” on your app store and download the app NextReality, which should come up right away on your search screen! If you are already reading this in your mobile device, it’s even easier! You only have to click the button of your corresponding app store and download the app!

Easy wasn’t it? 🙂


I already have the app. Now what?

Let’s start exploring our experiences gallery.

On the top left-hand corner of your screen you’ll see a button that surreptitiously states: “Explore our experiences gallery”. Once you click it, you can access our public content gallery.


Browse through the free content!

Would you like to know what it is like to hold the Sophia Award? See a painting come to life? Maybe open a portal to another dimension?

Pick the experience you want to see out of the available bunch and simply click it. Don’t forget to allow the NextReality App to use your device’s camera, without it we cannot augment reality 😉


My camera is on but the world around me is still not augmented in the slightest…

Have updated the experiences contents?

Great. Now you only need something to activate the experience, otherwise you’ll just keep seeing the regular reality and we like it just a bit more augmented! Find the right marker for the experience you want to see among the available markers for download.


Markers? What is that…

Markers are images that activate the augmented reality experiences.

Click the “Download markers here” button on this page and find the one you want to “augment”. You can also download and print out your favorite markers, keep them with you at all times and take them everywhere. Show them to friends and family, acquaintances and total strangers… really, these are huuuuge in parties! 😀 😀


Live the experience!

Now you only have to point your device’s camera at the markers and voilà!

It is entirely unnecessary, you’re quite welcome and the pleasure is all ours. You can always go back by clicking the back arrow on the top left-hand corner and browse through the all the other experiences on the gallery, we have a lot you can explore!

What about those exclusive access codes at the beginning, what are those about?

These codes allow users access to exclusive and customized contents and experiences.

Interested in having your own Augmented Reality Portal? Come talk to us!


Here you can download the markers which will allow you to see our demo augmented reality experiences!

Download markers here!



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