Augmented Reality in Advertising: Atlântica Business Case

Business Needs

The Universidade Atlântica is a University managed by E.I.A.— Ensino, Investigação e Administração S.A., created in 1993 with the objective of developing a quality higher education institution, recognized for its ability to train and shape excellent professionals for the job market

In 2018, as part of its participation in Futurália, the largest Education and Training Fair in Portugal, the need arose for Atlântica to present its offer of higher education courses in a differentiating and interactive way, seeking to recruit the best human capital while highlighting their organizational values and culture.


The developed solution allowed for all the Atlântica’s potential candidates who attended Futurália to become acquainted with the University’s offer through Mixed Reality. Through the Mixed Reality Glasses Microsoft Hololens, all those who visited Atlântica’s stand during the fair had the opportunity to access a set of information, videos and virtual testimonials about each of the University-run courses, moving freely around the seemingly empty booth. The holograms and experiences presented were developed in order to transmit a set of useful information, such as study plans, course descriptions and video testimonies of students and teachers, and to highlight the position of the Atlântica University as a reference institution for the creation, transmission and diffusion of knowledge, science and technology.


With the developed solution, Atlântica University offered the potential candidates who attended the Futurália 2018 fair the opportunity to live a unique and memorable experience, making known their offer and study programs in an innovative and differentiating way and enhancing their attractiveness while capturing talent.

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