Augmented Reality in Advertising: NOS Business Case

Business Needs

NOS continues to take steps in their commitment to develop innovative services and delivering increasingly immersive experiences to their customers.
In line with this directive, NOS is looking to invest in new ways to watch and experience TV content, through new mobile devices developed for this purpose.



The app NOS TV for HoloLens takes advantage of the users’ line of sight allowing them to open and place TV screens wherever they may desire, thusly creating and enjoying an interactive experience with their home entertainment, that is both immersive and personalized.
With NOS TV for HoloLens, the users can project any contents they could be watching on the television screen onto the real-world environment around them.


With the service NOS Holo Sport it is possible to watch a football game from the several perspectives and cameras through a virtual football stadium. NOS Holo Sport, a solution in development, combines the sports viewing with virtual interactive content, adding to the experience of watching a sports game, weather data and infographics in real-time


The NOS service users/consumers will gain the possibility to watch, through the HoloLens, any media content in an entirely innovative and dynamic way, allowing for a greater level of interactivity and an improved experience while watching TV contents, infographics and any other multimedia content available.

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