Augmented Reality in Industrial Maintenance: EDP Business Case

Business Needs

EDP Produção has a large set of industrial facilities that produce electric energy. Any malfunction of equipment can cause delays, loss of efficiency or even halt the production line. The availability of technicians, with the required skillset, is crucial to reestablish the production as quickly as possible. However, it is at times, very difficult to guarantee the availability of expert technicians on remote locations or even on several different locations simultaneously. From another stand point, training industrial maintenance technicians on the job and keeping the team updated on the latest versions of each piece of equipment is a continuous task.


Our mixed and augmented reality solution allows a remote expert to directly connect with the Microsoft Hololens worn by the on-site technician. Through this, the remote expert can follow and offer step -by-step guidance to the local technician, providing support in real time through vocal recommendation or visual indications, overlapped onto the on-site tech through the vision of the Microsoft Hololens. All the remote support sessions can be recorded for later analysis and consultation. Beyond the remote support capabilities, this app will allow the interventions to be planned ahead of time, and even provide technicians with some tutorial-type information on the specific equipment under intervention. It also allows the consultation of technical manuals, norms, videos and consumer data provided by the Power BI.


Through augmented and mixed reality solution solutions, EDP Produção will be able to reduce the time and costs expenditure for providing tech support to their energy-producing equipment and facilities. Simultaneously, this technology will allow for improved learning, with greater access to relevant information and on the job training for remote location technicians.

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  • Hands-free


  • Electrical Production

Microsoft Hololens

  • Mixed Reality

Windows Native App
Microsoft Power BI



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