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Augmented Reality in Retail

Augmented reality in retail accelerates your customer’s decision-making by simulating how your products look on your showroom. Thanks to these AR solutions, now retailers have the possibility to bring products to life within their stores – or anywhere else!

Augmented reality shop windows allow products to be showcased within context with lifelike holographic models. Your brand is able to give consumers a more custom experience, integrated with your e-commerce system.

Retail use cases include:

  • Easily select the product you want to view in real size through your mobile device;
  • Be able to simulate how a product, color or texture appears on a room or open space;
  • Simulate in real-size or in smaller sizes;
  • Add color/pattern selection;
  • See clothes and accessories worn by holographic human models;
  • Augmented shop windows or evenfully fledged augmented stores, filled with AR experiences;
  • Use your “Buy Now” features integrated with your e-commerce system;
  • Add holographic assistants that can explain you the value of your offer;
  • Take pictures and share your experience with the social world!
Augmented Reality solutions for Retail



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