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CTT Correios de Portugal’s (Portugal’s leading post offices and mailing services provider) Philatelic Plan comprises the issuances of thematic and collectable commemorative stamps related to several Portuguese events, anniversaries or national and international personalities of the highest relevance. From stamps and 1st day envelopes, to annual products, which include all the pieces of the year, such as Portugal on Stamps and Annual Albums. With this in mind, there was the need to innovate this offer with a set of exclusive multimedia content.


The “CTT Philately” Mobile Application, available for Android and iOS operating systems, has been developed to meet this need for innovative offerings. Through the Application, the user has the opportunity to view the unique multimedia content associated with each stamp from a set of stamps selected for that purpose. Through their own mobile devices, users can point their devices’ camera at the physical printed stamps to gain access to a set of Augmented Reality content and experiences associated with each stamp.

The virtual content triggered by each stamp was developed according to the theme and dynamics of the stamp itself, resulting in an Augmented Reality experience that aims to add value to the CTT’s philatelic offer and create a different and innovative experience in a tendentially more traditional market.

The developed solution, in addition to allowing access to multimedia content and exclusive information, associated with each seal, also allows a direct access to the “Mail and Orders” area and to the homepage of the CTT web platform.

app mobile for ctt


The user / consumer of CTT Correios de Portugal’s philatelic services now has the possibility to view media contents in a totally dynamic and innovative way, all through its own mobile device. By integrating and combining virtual contents with physical stamps, CTT enables the transformation of an otherwise static element into something dynamic and interactive, contributing to the valorization of the selected stamps, which gain a new “life” through Augmented Reality as well as the collecting sector itself, which sees its offer become more innovative and more in line with the current distribution channels of multimedia content.


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  • IOS – Swift
  • Android – Java
  • NextReality Platform



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