Augmented Reality in Retail: DECO PROTESTE Business Case

Business Needs

DECO – the Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection – and DECO PROTESTE share the mission to work on a daily basis to guarantee all consumers access to information for a better choice, quality of goods, education and justice and the right to health and the security. Its activity aims to contribute to more informed, participative and demanding consumers. In this sense, there was a need to extend their consumer support services to the wine market in a practical and quick way accessible anywhere.


The “DECO Vinhos” Mobile App, available for Android and iOS operating systems, has been developed to meet this need and provide a value-added service to subscribers to the DECO PROTESTE Wine Guide.

“DECO Vinhos” allows its users to have a simple and immediate access to a set of information selected and approved by the DECO PROTESTE team of experts on a selection of approved wines as product details, laboratory test results and tasting tastings, main featured wines, where to buy and price comparison.

Through NextReality’s proprietary Image Recognition technology, the “DECO Wines” application also allows label or bar code recognition of over 300 different tested wines through the user’s mobile device camera, giving instant and automatic access to the results sheet and information of each wine. The user needs to simply open the Application and point the device’s camera to the label of each bottle to have access to all this information.

deco mobile app


The Mobile Application “DECO Vinhos” allows any of its users to have access to wine comparative tests in a fast, easy and efficient way, all on their own mobile device. Access information on each wine, such as test results from DECO PROTESTE specialists, price and where to buy, through the search feature available on the Application or through the label and bar codes recognition functionality, allowing DECO PROTESTE to fulfill its main mission: help the consumer choose the best product available.

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