Augmented Reality in Retail: Revigrés Business Case

Business Needs

Revigrés is a world reference in ceramics, specialized in the design and production of wall and floor tiles. As a brick and mortar retailer, Revigrés struggled to find way to let their customers experience and test their award-winning designs before they were installed.

With this need in mind, the Revigrés app leverages the potential of Augmented Reality to give users the opportunity of seeing how a certain floor or wall will actually look with their choice of materials, live and in real-time.


The Rivigrés mobile app for iOS and Android allows users to discover Revigrés’ ceramic flooring and wall tiles catalog and experience how their choice of pavement looks in their own home, in real-time through Augmented Reality.

This Augmented Reality product preview tool, enables Revigrés’ customers to browse through all the flooring and tile solutions offered by Revigrés, access detailed information about each one, select and save their favorite products and get the opportunity to experience and apply each product live and in their own place, customizing it according to their needs.

Revigrés lets users experiment with new decorating ideas, choose and test different colors, patterns, shapes and finishes for floors and walls by overlaying their chosen virtual ceramic flooring and tiles onto their own environment, through their smartphone camera.

The Revigrés app also allows users to locate the retailer’s nearest stores and showrooms, through its built-in location based system, and share their on-app experience through email or on their social networks.


By being able to offer customers a truly unique and innovative solution, the Revigrés app, and its Augmented Reality product preview features, enhances the Customer Experience and builds Brand Awareness, through differentiation and experience sharing. This solution also allows Revigrés’ customers to test and customize their choice of products whenever and wherever they want.

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revigrés: projeto realidade aumentada no retalho

Mobile App – Augmented Reality Product Previewer





  • IOS
  • Android

Native Development

  • Android – Java
  • NextReality – proprietary AR / MR platform



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