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visitar - realidade aumentada no turismo e património

Augmented Reality in Tourism & Heritage

Monuments or museum exhibits can come to life and even talk – literally talk – to the visitors. Superpowers such as X Ray vision, travelling through time and telekinesis help explain how spaces were lived once. Yes, you can now transform a cultural heritage place in a huge educational /entertainment experience

Tourism use cases include:

  • Hologram Guides: Why settle for a conventional guide when you can have a king, a general or a pharaoh showing you around an exhibition? Watch as he points to the artifacts, identifies details and explains the context where it all happened. A fun, easy way to learn about our past and relate directly to it – and, of course a selfie opportunity!
  • Ruins reconstruction: You’re walking through a roman ruin and suddenly you can see exactly where the triclinium was, along with the atrium, the impluvium, the peristyle…(Well, you get the picture…) Applied around you, all details from the past are ready to show you exactly what each rock meant for our ancestors.
  • X-ray vision: peek into closed monuments, churches using augmented reality.
Augmented Reality solutions for Tourism



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