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Created in 1940, the Guarda Museum was settled in the old Archdiocesan Seminary and it currently has a collection of around 4800 pieces which come mostly from the Guarda Municipality. The most representative nucleuses are those of Archaeology, Religious Sculpture and Painting and 20th century Portuguese Armoury and Painting.

In an effort to transform the visitor experience, making it more interactive and innovative, the Guarda Museum felt the need to develop a solution that would add value to its already rich heritage.


The Guarda Museum mobile app allows visitors to access highlights, events, exhibitions, educational service and other useful information on the Museum quickly and on the move.

Through the app, visitors can also access a set of Augmented Reality experiences and content developed to make their visit to the Guarda Museum more interactive, informative and memorable. Through their mobile device’s camera, visitors get the opportunity to access relevant digital content that highlights, transforms and adds information to the physical artefacts being exhibited.


The Guarda Museum app, and its Augmented Reality features, offers visitors a unique and new way of interacting with the Museum’s exhibitions, adding value to its heritage, improving visitor experience and boosting media visibility through experience sharing. The Augmented Reality experiences tailormade for Guarda Museum also allow for a better and easier way to transmit knowledge and educate visitors and students alike.

logo museu da guarda

Mobile Application


Tourism and Culture



  • IOS
  • Android

Native Development

  • Android – Java
  • NextReality Platform



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