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In order to bring citizens closer to decision-making processes, the Alvaiázere Municipality created and made available an application for smartphones and tablets aimed at publishing and publicizing news and events, disseminating information and promoting tourism and culture, schedules and location of restaurants, useful contacts, what to visit and where to stay. In order to transform the experience of those who visit the Municipality of Alvaiázere, a set of contents were also developed that aim to transmit knowledge and add value to the rich historical and cultural heritage of the Municipality.


In order to value the main points of interest and historical monuments of the Municipality of Alvaiázere, a set of Experiences and Digital Content in Augmented Reality was developed with the intent of transforming these historical-cultural spaces into an impactful, fun and educational experience for all visitors.

The ability to overlay digital content to the physical reality that the technologies of Augmented Reality allows emerged as the ideal medium to give the Municipality’s visitors the opportunity to get to know the History and main information about the diverse monuments and sites that constitute the patrimony and historical and cultural heritage of the Municipality.

Through the creation and development of a set of contents that contemplate 3D reconstructions, georeferenced contents and holograms, among many others, it is possible to add value and create an extraordinary experience, all through and integrated with the Mobile Application “Muninicípio de Alvaiázere”.


The Augmented Reality content developed and integrated in the “Muninicípio de Alvaiázere” Mobile Application, allows all users to visualize and interact with a set of experiences designed and created to increase their knowledge about the Municipality’s historical and cultural heritage. This integration allows access to Augmented Reality content in a simple and quick way, when and where it really matters: during the visit to main points of interest and monuments.

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  • Unity
  • Webservices
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