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We are currently living in the time of Migrations. Thusly, the High Commission for Migrations (ACM, I.P.), has invested in an increasingly wider range of support and hosting services for migrant citizens.

With this framework in mind, the MyCNAIM App aims to bring migrants closer to the support provided by ACM through a range of tools designed to increase their inclusion and involvement in the Portuguese Society.


The MyCNAIM App is a mobile app for iOS and Android that allows migrants to access information and content about the services provided by AMC IP – The Portuguese High Commission for Migrations, as well as information on the legal framework for entering and staying on Portuguese territory, international protection requests, access to Portuguese nationality, housing, work, healthcare, education, academic qualifications recognition and equivalence, among other useful information related to their inclusion.

MyCNAIM acts as direct communication channel that brings migrants closer to both National and Local Integration Support Centers, complementing the face-to-face service provided by the Portuguese High Commission for Migrations or even providing an alternative when or where the Integration Support Centers are not available.

MyCNAIM’s location based system allows users to locate and access information on Local and National Integration Support Centers, migrant related associations, employability and professional inclusion offices, among others, based on their real-time location.


By being able to provide users with easy-to-access relevant information based on their needs in real-time, the MyCNAIM App empowers migrant citizens, increasing their inclusion and bringing them closer and more involved in Society.

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Mobile App

  • Location-based Services

Social/ Public Administration



  • iOS
  • Android

Native Development

  • IOS – Swift
  • Android – Kotlin



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