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The Community of Portuguese Language Countries is an international organization which includes all Portuguese official language countries with the aim of deepening good relations and cooperation among its member countries.


The objective of union and cooperation of the CPLP led to the creation of a multinational app that is basically an audiobook called “CPLP’s Traditional Tales”.

This audiobook brings together tales from all CPLPs countries, accompanied by illustrious voices and animated illustrations by great artists from all countries of the CPLP.

NextReality was responsible for the app’s native development, which is available on Android and iOS, as well as for the development of 3D modeling and animation.

CPLP traditional tales app


Users of the “CPLPs Traditional Tales” app have the possibility of interactively and dynamically listening to traditional tales from their country and learning traditional tales from other countries of the same language.

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Comunidade dos Países de Língua Portuguesa

Mobile App


International Organization

  • International Relations


  • iOS
  • Android

Native Development

  • IOS – Swift
  • Android – JAVA

NextReality Platform

Animation and 3D modeling development



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