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With more than 150 years of activity and the commitment to make a difference, Deloitte has grown in scale and diversity – approximately 263,900 professionals in more than 150 countries provide audit & assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk and tax advisory – keeping their shared culture. Deloitte annually presents the Tax Guide for the current year, respecting the commitment to assure their clients, and the market in general, continued support in the tax area. In this sense, the opportunity arose to make this Tax Guide available in a quick, simple and accessible way, anytime, anywhere.


The Mobile Application “Deloitte Tax Guide”, available for Android and iOS systems, appears as the ideal solution to transmit in a systematized way, generic information about the current tax system, focusing on the most relevant issues for each fiscal year.

Through the “Deloitte Tax Guide”, the user has access to a set of contents, information and recommendations such as: Tax Guide of the Year, with updated information about the current Fiscal Year, which covers sections such as IRS, IRC, IVA, Real Estate, among many others; the Fiscal Guides of Previous Years, granting access to the full Fiscal Guides referring to previous years; a Favorites Section, which allows each user to save texts, articles and recommendations on the fiscal matters and issues they are more interested in; and a Gallery Section, which gives access to a set of supporting documents, such as instructional and explanatory videos where different Deloitte analysts and experts clarify topics such as State Budget, Indirect Taxes, Real Estate Taxes, among many others.


“Deloitte Tax Guide” Mobile Application gives users access, in a quick, simple and accessible way, at anytime and anywhere, to a set of information and recommendations of Deloitte experts through the Tax Guide for the current year. Through “Deloitte Tax Guide”, each user can access a set of content developed and made available in order to increase their knowledge and understanding about the Portuguese Tax System, helping them make more informed decisions and ensure their economic and financial well-being.


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