Can’t live without a cell phone anymore? We know, so install now the new version of the Best Bank App and know all the news.

In another update of the Best Bank App by the NextReality team, the homepage is fresher and with quick access to everything that matters:

– Gained space! You can see more information, whether you have a larger or smaller screen, iOS or Android.
– At the top, the account cards have gone up and the Personal Area has gained prominence.
– And you have a new area – Reminders!

Update personal data, fill out the Investor Profile, among others – you can keep writing everything down in your calendar, but you don’t have to anymore. We remind you of these and other alerts, and also of important tools, in the new Reminders area.

In the Personal Area you now have more options available so you don’t have to come to the bank. And you can also update documents more intuitively and quickly.

Install and/or update to the new version in the App Store and Play Store.