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Somos mais do que os criadores, somos utilizadores da WasteApp.

We are more than just the WasteApp’s creators…

We are users! WasteApp is the app that helps you recycle more.

Vrara Enterprise Industry Sector Report

We are in the VRARA’s Enterprise Industry Sector Report!

We are in the report for the 2nd time, next to international players! Download it right now!

Apresentação de Blockchain, com o case study TalentTiers

We took Blockchain to SAP NOW

We have been to SAP NOW 2019 with our exclusive technology Talent Tiers!

Realidade Aumentada em Eventos - Omnichannel

A piece of Omnichannel

Pop-up stores, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality were the themes we have taken to Omnichannel Retail 2019!

eventos de realidade aumentada

Augmented Reality at FEUP Engineering Days 19

We were there and we gave a workshop about AR through our Head of Marketings voice!