Mixed Reality on TV?

Yes! Stay tuned to see how we made this work!

Always ahead!

Mixed Reality as «one the 3 technologies that will change people's lives the most in the next years.»

App MyCNAIM Welcome Migrant

Download your My CNAIM now! :) 📱

Webinar – Facebook’s Augmented Reality

If you missed the Webinar live, worry not - you can still watch the full lenght here!

NextReality Team @ Peru!

Enjoy the view from our offices in Peru..!

NextReality @ Global Shapers Lisbon

Sharing our expertise with Global Shapers Lisbon :)

Augmented Reality at “Sol da Caparica”?

Stay tuned to learn more ;)

Augmented Reality on Magic: the Gathering gameplay?

With the BigAR engine and ARKit 2.0!

Mixed Reality in television?

Stay tuned for more!