ITPeople Group and NextReality are thrilled to announce our innovative collaboration with imatch! 🤝 Together, we built a groundbreaking experience for the 2024 “Building The Future” event.

INTRODUCING: The AI Badge Pop-Up Stand!

➡️ Seamless Badge Printing: Say goodbye to old fashioned badges! Attendees could now print their personalized AI badges on the spot.

➡️ Tech Meets Convenience: Our cutting-edge partnership with imatch ensured a smooth, tech-infused experience for every event-goer.

Our AI platform went beyond the ordinary, turning individuals into real-life superheroes! 

Nowadays, there are numerous AI platforms that generate images based on prompts. Our goal however, was to transform an image into another image with a superhero look & feel, and that isn’t so common. Transforming individuals into superheroes masterpieces is no ordinary feat. Our chosen AI platform had to be able to generate images via API, so that it would be possible to automate the badge creation process and thus avoid queues at the event.

We dove into the wild world of prompt experiments, some were epic fails, but others? Pure magic! While we couldn’t promise universal satisfaction (thanks to the unpredictable mix of AI and individual tastes), we where on a mission to make attendees’ experiences unforgettable. Because, let’s face it, AI has a taste of its own, and we’re here to embrace the unpredictable journey together!

The architectural design was straightforward, a web application that takes as input a code, and:

  1. Collects the registrants’ data, including their photo
  2. Sends the photo via Rest API to the AI platform
  3. Collects the generated image
  4. Applies the data to a badge template with Javascript and generates an image to be printed

We’re not just developing; we’re creating an automated experience that turns every event into a memorable enchantment! 🚀🎨