This application, which works by georeferencing, allows you to access water quality results relative to your location, with information updated daily, in 13 languages, including Mandarin and ukrainian .

At any time, in Lisbon area, you can access H2O Quality and find out about the quality of the water being distributed in that specific location, with information on the parameters, namely calcium, magnesium, chlorine, color, hardness, pH, among others. others, which you can consult in detail, visualizing the results and parametric values.

With this free application, you can also view, on the map, the location of drinking fountains close to where you are, fill your reusable bottle and take tap water with you, the most sustainable and environmentally friendly option.

You will also be able to find out where you can buy Fill Forever, EPAL’s reusable bottle, 100% ecological. In addition, more detailed information is available for consultation on the origins of EPAL’s water, the different stages of treatment and the control of water quality.

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