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The Challenge

EPAL is a Portuguese company responsible for the public supply of water for human consumption and other activities, in addition to providing services related to the urban water cycle, where it gathers skills of recognized quality.

Serving around 3 million people, EPAL is responsible for the home supply in the city of Lisbon and water supply to 34 municipalities in the Greater Lisbon region, counting with around 1000 employees spread across different locations.

In order to guarantee a close relationship with its employees and provide them with the best possible conditions and tools so that they can maintain the quality of the service provided, EPAL felt the need to create a solution to support and manage daily operations aimed at its employees.

News & Highlights


Daily Tasks

Notifications & Warnings

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The Solution

The EPAL OnPocket App allows EPAL employees to receive News and Alerts, manage Human Resources procedures, such as presenting expenses and scheduling vacations / absences, and day-to-day tasks, such as reporting incidents and booking seats in the cafeteria.

Through the App, EPAL employees can also consult all EPAL facilities on the Map and access useful information about each location.

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App Android


App iOS



With EPAL OnPocket, EPAL manages to be closer to each of its employees, in a mobile and immediate way, and its employees gain access to an interactive and effective tool for managing their tasks and daily operations.

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