The Challenge

Firmo is one of the largest Portuguese companies manufacturing school supplies. A leader in the trade of school, stationery and office supplies, it has more than 65 years of tradition in the Portuguese and international markets. With a long industrial tradition, Firmo products have followed generations and have become inseparable icons of the brand.

For its business, Firmo chooses as critical success factors the brand awareness, the productive efficiency that gives it its competitiveness, the quality – of the product, the service and the organization – and the ability to differentiate through innovation and design at the level of the product.

Keeping these critical factors in mind, Firmo challenged NextReality’s team to create a mobile solution that not only made its products known in a different and innovative way, but also interacted directly and dynamically with its younger customers.


The FIRMO AR App is a Mobile Application developed for iOS and Android. This interactive App is mainly aimed at school-aged young people and includes a Moodmeter that offers exclusive features and content suited to the mood of each of them.

Users can also get to know Firmo’s range of products in detail and create their own collections using Augmented Reality, which allows them to view the selected items in their own space, in real time, through the camera of their smartphone or tablet.

The FIRMO AR App also includes a map that identifies the nearest points of sale, according to the user’s geographic location.


App Android


App iOS


Augmented Reality


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