GRH Summit and Augmented Reality for HR!

The impact that Augmented Reality can have on corporate HR.

Mixed Reality on TV?

Yes! Stay tuned to see how we made this work!

Always ahead!

Mixed Reality as «one the 3 technologies that will change people's lives the most in the next years.»

App MyCNAIM Welcome Migrant

Download your My CNAIM now! :) 📱

Webinar – Facebook’s Augmented Reality

If you missed the Webinar live, worry not - you can still watch the full lenght here!

NextReality Team @ Peru!

Enjoy the view from our offices in Peru..!

NextReality @ Global Shapers Lisbon

Sharing our expertise with Global Shapers Lisbon :)

Augmented Reality at “Sol da Caparica”?

Stay tuned to learn more ;)

Augmented Reality on Magic: the Gathering gameplay?

With the BigAR engine and ARKit 2.0!

Mixed Reality in television?

Stay tuned for more!